Video transcription

All right, now this is our other scenario. We determined that the water level maybe had come up too high, and was running to the top of the overflow tube. So that tells us that the ballcock; either needs a new washer, and needs to be rebuilt, or we're going to change it. Well, first we're going to change this one. So, we've already shut the water off, and we're going to go underneath, and disconnect the supply line from the bottom of the ballcock. In this case, it's one of the braided ones; it's very easy to undo. We get that line off, then do the hold down nut, that holds the ballcock to the tank. This is the important nut, because this is what keeps the tank from dripping on the floor; vis-a-vis the seal right there, on the bottom of the ballcock. So we take the old one out. This is a Corky. This is a very nice ballcock here. So, we take this ballcock, but what I really like is the Mansfield ballcock. This unit is all brass. It fills very quickly, and it is the quietest of all the ballcocks that you can own. So, if you have a toilet next to a bedroom, or an area that you would like to enjoy the quietness, and, or the quick filling time, you go find yourself a Mansfield 07A ballcock. You drop it into the tank, you center it, put down the nut, tighten her down. I can see already that we have too long of a float rod, but that's no problem. We're in a hardware store; we're going to go replace it with a shorter one. We'll get this anchored down. This job usually requires a pair of channel locks. A pair of 440's, or something medium size is pretty nice. I'm going to go underneath, and we're going to tighten it to the tank, and it's secure. I'm going to take, and I'm going to put the supply line back on it, and then we'll have this all set to go.