Video transcription

Alright, there are basically two types of toilets. The toilet with the tank on it, that we all know and love and then the Lowboy, or often called a Tankless toilet. Here is a Case II, common in the Detroit area. It is a one piece toilet and there is a tank built in on it, but it's all one big piece of china. The lid and the seat are separate, but the toilet is one piece, it's got a standard flushing mechanism, but the flush valve that fills this is very complicated. We're not going to go into that today. Now the one thing we can say about the tank, all toilets actually is that this particular one is an elongated bowl. It's a little bit longer, a little bit more comfortable for larger men. This and this toilet is only fifteen inches tall, the old standard height of a toilet. Now with us aging Baby Boomers coming along, our toilets now are seventeen inches high. Giving us and with the toilet seat, putting it up to darn near the same height as a regular chair in the house. So getting on and off the toilet is much more comfortable with the new toilets. And we're just going to discuss how to repair this toilet.