Video transcription

Really quickly I want to show you the fan options. This is the remote that this particular fan comes with. As you can see on the very top, we've got a light dimmer button. This will turn our light on and off or dim it down to a lower brightness. Underneath that we have our low, medium and high settings. Of course, just like it said, put the fan on low, press medium and it will go to medium and press high it will go to full speed. Then we have our fan off. This is just a quick way to shut it off when we are completely done. Say we don't want it on, whatever you just want to do. Turn it off and put it away. So this is our basic remote. Other fans will have more advanced remotes. If there is any other features, you can switch the directions of the fan or what not. This remote is pretty basic just like the set up of this fan. But it is pretty simple, pretty easy to use and that is the options of the fan.