Video transcription

So with a fig tree, remembering that when you prune a tree, one of the things your doing is your taking off the extra branches so that the tree- what’s there will actually have high yield and have a higher quality fruit. So we’re going to take out branches that are- we’re going to open the tree up by taking out some of the middle branches so more light can get into the tree as a whole. And let’s see. One thing I see here is a piece of dead wood so I’m just going to get rid of that right now. Now, see how these branches are kind of crossing over right here and not everything is getting sun? So what I want to do is open that up. So this branch that’s coming across and blocking the light from all those others- I’m going to remove it, and some of these smaller, separate branches I’m going to remove. And that one will get rid of that. We’re opening it up so that it has more light. Now I don’t like the way this branch is going across and this one- they’re crossing over each other- that’s not a good idea. And you can see this top one is much healthier. However, I want to consider my path that it is moving towards. And I think for now, that’s ok- it’s staying on the path. So I’ll go ahead and leave that, and I’m going to trim the weaker lower branch that’s not doing as well because it had no light. By removing these branches, what I’m actually doing is allowing the remaining tree to have more nourishment. And you see I’m cutting it right up- I’m doing a clean cut right up to the trunk.