Video transcription

This is my fig tree. This tree is three years old, and this is the first year it’s really had a significant amount of fruit. You can see on all the branches there are- all the branches have figs on them. Isn’t that great? And if you really look closely, even the branches that look like there’s no fruit, if you look closely, every single leaf that comes out has fruit forming, even though it’s only about a quarter of an inch still. So this is going to be a major production year for this tree. A fig tree is one that it’s a little different from other fruit trees in that you have immediate gratification with a fig. The first year I had fruit, the second year I had fruit, but this year there’s going to be a prolific amount. So a fig tree is one that grows well against a wall. Like, you can plant it against a sunny wall and you can let it sort of grow up the wall and you can shape it to grow along the wall. You can trim the lower branches so that it has more of a ball up top and just a straight trunk down below. And the way that mine is growing, it sort of comes out of the bottom is kind of I guess the more old-fashioned way. It’s just how it grows naturally.