Video transcription

We are going to discuss how to cut down a tree safely today. This video is brought to you by Black Dog Video. You can visit it on Now we are attaching it to the truck. We have a top line hitch which is adjustable. So as you can see once the top line is tied, you can adjust to any length and it will pull tight. We have got the base connected to the tree and this is the safe way to do it so we do not make any widows. The bottom may be pulled out and the tree can drop and it is just a really safe way of doing it. You do not want to try and cut this tree once it’s hung up. So as we pull it, it falls safely to the ground and then pull it up a little bit more, here we go, wow! So, it’s fallen down. It is in a safe position now for us to limit and your wife isn’t going to be a widow tonight after this one.