Video transcription

We are going to discuss how to cut down a tree safely today. This video is brought to you by Black Dog Video. You can visit it on We are adding to a rope to encourage the tree to go the direction we want. I will put the rope on here. We are going to tie off the base, put a two ton come along on it and pull it slightly in the direction where you want. That with the notching will help us fell that way. So, we are going to go up and put the rope on the tree to help encourage it to fall the way we want it to fall. Obviously, you would want to put the rope on before you start cutting the tree. If the tree starts falling in the wrong way, obviously it a way too late trying time to think about, “Oh! I should have put a rope on it.” Have a preformed knot in it, a slip loop so that we can put it on real quick. I always put it so that you have the least tension on the loop itself. You wrap around the tree and have the loop here.