Video transcription

And now that you've got the starter out, you want to go buy a new starter spring. Again, get the model number, type, make of your engine and all that stuff in order to determine which starter spring you're going to need. The one I'm going to do is the most popular, its the Briggs and Stratton recoil starter. So any other kind of starter may be a little different to put in, but the basic thing is you got to remember is to study the starter and determine how to put the starter spring in. This one is more of a mystery to everybody in the world than anything else. I've sent more people home with a starter spring and a starter and have them come back in two hours with bloody hands and no idea how to do it then any other type of starter. So I'm going to show you how to do it now and you won't have to come back with bloody hands. Open the bag and you got a pre-wound starter here. Now this is not the way you install it. You take a pair of pliers and open these tabs like this. And very carefully remove the starter ok?. Hold it away from you. Ready? And let it uncoil, ok? Now that you've got the starter spring uncoiled, you're ready to install it. Now you'll notice if you can get in tight on this, this starter spring has a indent in it. This indent is what is caught in the starter itself and holds it. Also the indent is in the pulley. So when you put the spring in, it grabs. It grabs on like this, ok? So that its kind of got a little indent on both sides and it grabs the pulley. And that's the way that works. So what you want to do is you want to have usually you're going to want to have the spring pull towards the smaller end of the indent so that when you put this in like this, its going to be facing outwards like that. I don't know if, you'll understand once you try to do it. So the first thing you want to do is inside here, I'm going to be doing this. I'm going to be taking the spring and putting it inside the pulley like that. And then winding it and its going to wind inside the starter itself. So we put the spring inside. Its kind of hard to get a tight shot inside the starter itself. Put the pulley on it. Now, one end of the pulley will be underneath one of the tabs here, ok? That will hold it down. Then, using the tool I showed you earlier, we wrap we wind the pulley in. Now you see how the spring is going in right here? Its going to catch as I turn it. I got my thumb on here to hold it. So as I turn it, that pulley is not flying out. This only takes about ten years to get real good at, so don't feel back if you don't do it right the first time. Now, you want to get a close-up of this. This is very neat the way watch this click in. There. It clicked in and we're at the end of the spring. Then, take a screwdriver, bend the tab down so the pulley doesn't go out and your spring is pre-loaded and like I showed you before, you bring your pulley back around, insert your rope in there and let it suck in.