Video transcription

A starter rope is a very important thing. When you're fixing a starter, you want to make sure that you have the right rope. Too thick a rope and you won't get enough winds on the pulley or it won't even go through the hole. Too thin a rope and you'll have too many winds and you'll reach, it will break. So, Briggs and Stratton makes a starter repair kit for their starters and it has this rope, it looks a little thin, but it actually is a number four and a half rope or a number four rope and it will fit on most of the starters that they make and they wanted this to fit all the different sizes. This kit, this particular kit, has one of those tools in it like I showed you earlier with the T-bar that I had, they actually provide you a tool and you can turn your starter clutch type starter that way. This piece of rope here, you always want to use nylon by the way, so that you can burn the ends and it won't fray. If you use cotton or anything else, you're going to end up with problems. It just won't work. They fray too quickly and they break. Sometimes when you buy a part, it'll come with a piece of rope already on it and that will be the exact amount of rope that you need. You may want to cut a little bit off it, but most of the time when they pre-package the starter rope, its going to be the exact amount that you need to fix the starter. We sell rope off of rolls and we have the very heavy duty braided rope. If you need a piece of rope for your lawnmowers or weed eater or anything you're repairing, always use a braided rope. Get it from a lawnmower shop because they're the experts and they'll have the exact rope that you need.