Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb. One of the favorite vegetables is that of the Cucumber. Now, there's different kinds of Cucumber. This one happens to be called Pot Luck. It's a smaller variety, but it will be growing sometimes in baskets, or you can grow it in small containers. The Cucumbers aren't going to be as big as some of the large slicer type, but I found it to be a good producer. If you like the smaller Cucumbers, and you want an abundance of them, the Pot Luck might be one of your choices. Remember that Cucumbers, like most vegetables, need about six hours of bright sun a day. Make sure also, that you plant it in a good peaty pearlite-type soil. You want something that's relatively sterile. If you get any kind of problems in the past soil in your container, dump the soil and go buy new soil, because if you have mildew and other things in that soil, you probably will have your next generation getting it as well. They're also somewhat susceptible to Nematodes, as are tomatoes, but it's one of those plants, if you've got it in bright sun, give it enough moisture, make sure it gets fed on a regular basis; probably about every month or two, Cucumbers should be a good part of your home and garden. For On Gardening, I'm Stan De Freitas, Mr. Green Thumb.