Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFfreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb", and one of my plants that I love for a mining plant is that of the Allamanda. Why? Because it has a beautiful yellow bloom, that blooms about ten months a year. If you've got an area where it's sort of frost free, the allamanda is a great choice for you. It will take full sun, it will do okay in partial shade, but remember, the photosynthesis that it produces all its energy in full light. If you want yours to bloom with a mass of yellow blossoms, allamandas need about six to eight hours of bright sun a day. They're a beautiful plant that doesn't have many problems. I've seen very few fungal problems and very few insects with the allamanda. The allamanda is one of those plants that you can have and it will grow for years and years. In fact I had one growing for about 30 years and I never sprayed it for any insects of any fungal problems at all. If you're looking for a beautiful plant, that's really an outstanding plant, as far as it's color and it has a nice dark green foliage, tubular yellow flower, it's an excellent choice for you. For "On Gardening", I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr Green Thumb".