Video transcription

Now I'm ready with my lag nut to insert it in. That's when we'll use our ratchet. Now, again I'm using a 5/16 lag screw so that means, because in the wonderful world of metrics that means I'm using a 1/2 inch wrench. This may take a while. Now, if you really want to bump it up a notch I suggest that everybody get an impact driver for their home. This is a great tool, it does the same thing a screw gun does except it pounds while it screws. So if you don't think you have the strength to really lock in like a 3 or 4 inch screw doing something around the house you don't need any strength with this. The strength is in the tool. You also can put attachments in it like a socket set, something that you would see around the garage with attachment that you could buy another $5 purchase, no big deal. You lock that baby in, alright. My battery is a little weak, it works off the same batter. We just attach that to there, drags that right in. Easy as pie! But that's kind of like for the advanced, but it is a nice time saver. Alright and now our leg is locked into place, sturdy as can be. Anytime we want to take the leg off, boom, in again, sturdy.