Video transcription

Now that we have all our joints clean, and we are ready to start to re sell her, we found one down in the cellar that was broken earlier and so we are going to replace that dowel. I've got a vice here, we are going to put he chair in so we can, get our drill in there and clean it out. When ever you drill out an old dowel an old broken dowel, you want to start with a set of drill bits, finishing up with your 3/8, start small and work your way up that way, you want to start in the center of the dowel hole and get that old stuff cleaned out. Work your way up because if you do go off center a little bit you can still salvage it with another drill bit a little bit larger. And as we work up, we are removing more of the dowel, the reason we are doing this is we're going to replace it with a new dowel. So as we move up in size keep your eye on the dowel hole make sure your still in the same hole you should be in. Now we are getting closer and closer. We just have a little bit more residue around the surface to get, we will finish that up, with the 3/8 inch. Clean out all that old dowel, clean out all the old parts and pieces, now we are ready, we got the old dowel removed. We are ready to move on to the next process.