Video transcription

Ok, now I'm going to take the toilet, I've got it all in one piece already because its a used toilet and we're going to set it in place. Ok, now I'm a little bit up off the floor because my toilet is just now beginning to squish that wax ring down into place. I just kind of wobble the toilet a little bit just to make sure that its going to fit. Now my next thing that I got to do is line the toilet up so that it?s coming off the wall straight. The other thing you may have to do is look at your grout lines in the floor. One of the two may be off a little bit so you kind of eyeball it and make it look as best as you can. Now that looks pretty straight to me, so our next step is to bolt it to the floor. We have little metal washers that we'll put down first and then our acorn nut. Now I'm just tightening down this nut here. The other thing I found that's nice, especially when you're working around porcelain toilets, if you have an adjustable wrench that has a rubber coating or some kind of coating over the handle so that if you bang up against the toilet while you're tightening something and its just metal, you have a very good chance of cracking that toilet. And toilets can run a fair amount of money so you really want to be careful not to break your toilet while you're putting it in or taking it out. Now we're ready to hookup the supply line to the bottom of the toilet and again here, you just want to hand tighten it and then bump it up a little, just tighten it just a little bit. So we've got those rubber O rings in there and you don't want to over tighten it or you may create a leak. Ok, and that is it. Now when you buy a brand new toilet from the store, it will come in two pieces. You'll have your bowl, your tank and then you have to buy a toilet seat separate. Also you'll have to purchase the bolts and the wax ring. Some wax rings comes with bolts and you just have to pick the right one when you're at the hardware store. And then most of the toilets the guts inside have already been put in at the factory so you don't have to worry about any of that, you just have to attach the tank to the bowl and then attach the bowl to the floor. Hookup the water, turn the water back to the house back on and you're done.