Video transcription

We're getting ready to secure the sink top to the top of the vanity and I use just a regular old acrylic caulking, because when it dries, it dries just like a glue, nice and hard. And, I apply a fairly liberal amount or, I'm not worried about using too much. It'll just squish out underneath the top of the sink and no one will ever see it. And, we want it to be glued good and tight, we don't want it to come loose some day and be a problem. So, now we're ready to set the sink top. Try and line it up, so it just drops right into place and there you go. Now, we'll let this sit for a while so that, that caulking can start to dry up and when we're all finished, we'll come along with caulking all along the wall here. Caulk all that in and all along here. We just don't want water to ever splash down behind, or combs or toothbrushes, whatever. We want to have a good seal all along here. You'll see that the GFI plug is centered directly in the middle of the sink here, which I just like to do. It's a GFI so that if, anybody ever gets, tries to get a shock from here, this will shut off right here, right now, just that quick and to resupply it with power, you just push that top button in. O.k. now, we're going to hook up the P-trap and the flex lines up to the bottom of the sink. And, we'll get started on that next.