Video transcription

Now were going to reinstall the box its for four O box which means thats it for four inch four inch box for the dryer plug. Which is a two twenty power supply and this is what the plug looks like. I am going to be installing it on this side about right here because this is where the drier is going to go and we don't have to do a GFI for this. But this is where I am going to install it. So let?s just get this in here real quick. You want to remember to leave the mud plate out on the face of the box an half an inch so when you dry wall goes on the face of it where the cover plate goes on will fit smoothly on top of the dry wall. Now the other thing that I forgot to mention earlier is that once you get your wires stuffed back into your box and in this case we will be trimming off the wire. You want to leave about six inches sticking out of the box so we will get it all in here. The other thing is it's about every six inches coming up out of the box or down from the hole in the upper plate that you want to put a staple in to hold the wire secure against the stud. But we have got the wire back in the box so you come out roughly six inches and cut your wire off and that way if you ever have to work on it you got plenty of wire sticking out of the box and your not working with just short little stubby wires and these wires will end up folding back into the box when we put the GFI or the dryer plug back in.