Video transcription

Now I am going to remove a window and the first thing I am going to do is to remove the stops. The blind stops are again nailed behind the brick mold so they have to be what they call chopped out. The blind stop has to be completely flush with the brick mold otherwise the sash track will not be able to be removed, it will be caught by the wood. Too far back is good, not far enough back is not. The next thing raise your bottom sash and break loose your top sash which is generally painted in, pop it loose. There is what they call a sash divider or what they call a parting bead. The parting bead has to be removed. Otherwise the window will not go up. This should actually pop out fairly easy. The next step is it is nailed in at the bottom. What has to happen is to pop the two nails loose and sometimes it is better just to use a hammer. This is a sash stop. Sometimes people forget these are here and they have to be removed also. There should be some at the top. The backside is nailed in. After that happens, look around and make sure there are no more nails. There are two more nails up here and they also have to be removed. The sash is now ready to come out. Window removed.