Video transcription

In this clip we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for removing and replacing a rear axle u-joint on a Ford Explorer. In this step we're going to talk about the proper service procedure for removing the retaining clips that hold in your u-joint caps. They are a form of snap ring. Any time you deal with a spring loaded device, your going to want to put on your safety glasses. Just like so. The tool I use, I've got a preference for it, needles nose pliers and my trusty flat blade screw driver. Sometimes you don't have to use this one. This particular vehicle has the spring loaded clips in there, like I said. They squeeze together and then roll out, as I'm going to demonstrate for you here. Go ahead and grab a hold of it, and squeeze it together. You can see how the spring has come away from the seat in the cup. I'll take my flat blade screw driver and get underneath it and then work around. I'm going to pinch a hold of it and give it a rolling motion, like so and that will break it free. I'm going to go ahead and do the one on the other side for you. Right here. Grab a hold of it right here. You can see how they have it designed so that you can squeeze it together. Give it a squeeze, get my screw driver in there and roll it out. If you don't see these clips apparent on the outside here, they may be located in a similar style on the inside. It depends on the parts manufacturer's preference and the vehicle manufacturer specifications. There is one more method for holding your u-joint caps in. They use plastic mold injection after it's assembled. You'll notice there will be small holes on each cup and there'll be plastic sticking out of it. The only way to disassemble that u-joint is with a torch. You take and heat up the horse shoe sections, that plastic will melt and spoot out as it is designed to. Then the u-joint can be disassembled. That's the proper service procedure for removing the u-joint cup retaining clips. You?re going to go ahead and repeat the steps here for the remainder of your u-joint retainers. There and there. Every u-joint will have four.