Video transcription

Hi, my name is Nate McCullough on behalf of Expert Village. In these clips, we are going to talk about some of the possible problems with your windshield washer system and some hints and tips to get better performance out of it. In this clip, we are going to talk about your washer solvent nozzles. It is the spray point located here and here and if you have a rear washer it will have one of these as well. It is a delivery point that takes the fluid flow and anatomizes it into a mist so it lands on your windshield. They just pop right out just like so. If you happen to notice that one of your nozzles is not working or that it is spraying oddly, not a nice pattern. You can see that it has these little pencil points here. What you are going to want to do is just take a small angle pick or a needle and take it and go around them and just clean the contamination. Also it may actually be plugged from the inside. If that is the case, you are going to unplug it just like that and tap the contamination out. You may have to spray a little bit of solvent inside there. I would suggest using some dish soap or something like that. Go ahead and shake it around and tap it downward to get the contamination out of your washer nozzle. In certain cases depending on the particular make and model, the washer solvent nozzle will actually be built into part of the wiper arm. If you don't see them readily available on the hood, take a look at the wiper arm and you should find them.