Video transcription

Today we're changing instrument cluster lights on a '96 Ford Explorer. In this step I'm going to demonstrate the proper service procedure for removing your instrument cluster from the dash panel. Now what we have here is the instrument cluster that's this device with all of your gauges, speedometer, odometer, and shift indicator on it. We have four bolts we need to deal with, they're all seven millimeters, we can go ahead and get the ones out that you can't see right now. There's one right there, we'll going to go ahead and put it in the magnetic tray for later re-installation, we got one more up top right here, there's one, go ahead and put it in the dash, and we have some bolts right here that are pretty much identical to the others ones, they're just on the other side. Typical lefty loosie, righty tighty kind of bolt. The farther in to the interior you get, the less the manufacturer wants you playing around inside of it. You may notice that your bolts will change, the deeper you get. As you can see up here on the instrument panel itself in order to disassemble it you will need some torque spits, some very small it looks like maybe a T20, possibly even like a T15. Go ahead and pull our last cluster bolt, and when you get into the computers disassembling them they'll actually have tamper proof torque spits. We're going to go ahead and slip out our last bolt, right there. Put that in the tray, we're going to go ahead and attempt to slip our instrument cluster up and out of the vehicle. And we're going to have a whole bunch of connectors to deal with, but as you can see we have exposed where the light bulbs go, right here. Going to take and wiggle those out, and that is where you're going to service your light bulbs at. And that is the proper service procedure for dismounting your instrument cluster from the instrument panel itself.