Video transcription

Hi! I'm Mark Blocker and in this segment we are going to discuss charging the vehicle. After connecting, I generally leave the vehicle on that I am jumping from. When I am jumping from another vehicle, I always leave the vehicle that I am jumping from running because this keeps the charging system of that vehicle performing and putting out energy. So instead of just jumping and pulling the necessary energy to start this vehicle, it is also starting to charge that battery back up. At this time it would be a good idea to wait 5 to 10 minutes if you could to let this vehicle start charging and build up some energy in the battery. You don't just jump it, get the vehicle running, disconnect and try to move on about your business because you still have a dead battery. If your vehicle stalls or dies, you want have any energy to start it again. You will have to go through this jump procedure. By letting it charge for a few minutes it allows the battery voltage to build up and you have some functioning voltage once the vehicle starts. Watch the next segment on starting the vehicle.