Video transcription

Today, we're changing an air conditioning compressor on a ninety-six Ford Explorer. In this step, I'm going to demonstrate the proper service procedure for attaching your charge hose to your system and to your can of refrigerant. What we have here, is your typical universal R-one thirty-four A charging hose. Now, it has a connector on this end. You can see right there its spring loaded which is going to connect to the vehicle. It also has a connector on this end. Which, you're going to screw down to your refrigerant can. I'm going to go ahead and do that right now. However, what I want to talk to you about first is the seal in the top of the can. As you can see, this has this metal plate right here on top. Now, the way this valve operates is there's a piercing rod inside this valve. And, you're going to want to make sure that it's all the way unscrewed before you screw this down onto the can to avoid any inadvertent piercing of the can before your ready for it. So, what you?re going to want to do is back the valve all the way off to make sure that that rod is all the way retract so you can't see it. Once you have it all the way retracted, you can go ahead and screw your can onto your charging hose. Just like so. From there, you're going to go ahead and take and connect this to your refrigerant system. You're going to remove the weather cap. Set this aside. And, return the springs just like so and slip down to position. Just like so. You're going to make sure that you can't pop it off. Just like that. You're now ready to begin the charging cycle on your system. That is the proper service procedure for connecting your can to your hose and your hose to the charge port on your vehicles air conditioning system.