Video transcription

Hi I'm Doug. I work with 20 great guys in Saint Lois at Doug Jenkins Custom Hot Rods. We are going to do some work for you today on expert village. Next thing we are going to do is mount the engine on the engine stand, this isn't essential. You can do this on the floor, you can do it when the engine is still in the crate, but we are a bunch of old guys with expensive tools so we want to do it standing up. We want to do it really safe. Now he's taking the fly wheel off here so he can bolt the fixture for the engine stand on the back of the engine, there again using good quality bolts. Get the right length use you head you don't want the engine crashing down on you. These engine stands like and engine hoist can be had very inexpensively you could get one for $60 or $80 bucks at a cheap tool store. Then there again the old guy with the nice tools using an impact wrench to tighten everything up with.