Video transcription

Here we're looking at the techniques for taking dents out of vehicles out of panels. The old school use to be what they call the dent puller, they would take a screw and screw it in the side of your panel and they would bang out the panel leaving many, many holes on the side of the panel being repaired which of course, could cause corrosion. This is one of the newer invention that has come out in the last 10 years. It's an Eagle Claw stud wilder and it welds a little stud onto the panel and using the same kind of device, you can pull the dent out and shape it. The process is called metal finishing and you don't just throw a bunch of Bondo on a panel, you want to shape the panel back as close as you can get to the original contour. That's what he's doing here and he's pulling the panel out, he's bringing the panel out. Once that's done, you'll have a surface with a lot of ripples in it. You'll take a hammer and you'll shape as much of those ripples as you can and now you put a very fine layer of metal filler, Bondo if you will, across that panel and then you're going to sand it down with a long board file. You're going to shape it, you're going to do a finer sandpaper, you're going to prime it and then it's ready for the paint department.