Video transcription

In this segment, we're going to cover removing the electrical connector. It's the electrical connector that connects to the switch that operates the cooling fan. That's mounted right in the radiator. We'll also cover removing the upper radiator brackets. The electrical connector we're after, where the switch is located, it's located on the passenger side of the radiator, down in the lower corner. It's going to be covered up by a large boot. We'll want to slide that boot back and it's going to expose two male terminals down there with female slide on and connectors. We just want to slide that female connector off each one of the terminals, one at a time. Once we've got that disconnected, the next thing to do is remove these upper radiator brackets. There's one on each side of the radiator and its held down by two 6mm bolts, with 10mm heads. We'll remove those now. I'm just going to use a socket with an extension. It's gets it up and away from this headlight and allows me to spin it around a little bit easier. I'll remove this one and set the bolts aside with it and get the other side. Now we've got everything disconnected from the radiator. Please watch our next segment. We'll cover removing the radiator and removing the accessories of the radiator.