Video transcription

MARK BLOCKER: Okay. In this segment we're going to cover lowering the vehicle. But prior lowering the vehicle, we actually have to raise it up so we're lifting it off of the jack stands and then we can remove the jack stands and lower it down. But prior to just jacking away, we want to make sure to get down and take a visual look, and make sure our jack is still correctly centered on the rear axle so we will jack up on--the visor component down here is not designed to support the weight. Make sure it's turned all the way right to the hydraulic locking direction or clockwise and we're just going to slowly jack up, watching it, make sure everything going along smoothly in doing this thing. Jack it up about 1-1/2 to 2 inches so you got that for clearance, and then remove the jack stand. And then the one jack stand is on one side, I'll just go to other side and remove the other jack stand. Once the jack stands are removed, take a quick a visual inspection underneath the car. You leave anything underneath there. There's nothing that's slid underneath there, no jack stands or other devices that could damage the car or become trapped underneath when you lower it down. Once you're satisfied that all the conditions are met, lower the vehicle down. Once again, we want to do this slowly. And your first couple of times you might get to a point where you release a little too fast and it goes down quickly. It's not that critical a deal. It's just going to come down and bounce off the suspension, but just for safety reasons and for the service bill of your car, you want to try and lower it down slowly. And at first, it's going to take a bit of pressure to crack the valve open and that excess of pressure to get started is going to want to open it up too fast and lower the car quickly, so it's kind of a touchy situation to get the right feel to get enough pressure release it but not too much so it's going to open the valve and you get a rapid descent. And that's all we're looking for right there, just a slow even descent. We're watching it, make sure it goes down, then open up the valve all the way, once vehicle has contact to the ground, so the jack can roll all the way down into the cradle, roll it back and out of the way, and we have the vehicle safely lowered on the ground. Please watch our next segment, and we're going to cover seating in the brake pads, checking the parking brake mechanism, and preparing for test drive.