Video transcription

In this segment, we're covering installing the steering column covers part two. Part one we snapped them together, now we just have to fasten in: first the outer two screws, which hold the plastic assemblies together. I just hold it together with one hand while I screw with the other, making sure the plastic pieces stay aligned while I'm tightening it down. And I just bring it just shy of snug, I don't want to tighten it all the way up this time I want to make sure I get the other screw started. Okay, after installing the two outer screws on each side which secure the plastic top to the bottom, we now need to install the three machine screws, and that should complete the assembly. I'll just get all three started before I tighten them down. Alright, I've got all three of them started, I'll just go ahead and tighten them down. Okay, that concludes Installing the Steering Column Covers. Please watch our next segment on the conclusion to installing turn signal switch or combination switch assembly.