Video transcription

In this video clip, I will be showing you how to check your power steering fluid level. As you take a look at your engine, the power steering will typically be along the back edge of your engine. On this engine, it is located on the passenger side towards the back. When you are looking for your power steering fluid, the top of the cap will typically say power steering. The first thing I like to do is wipe off any dirt or debris so that when I open up my power steering container here, no dirt or debris will fall inside of it. As you loosen the screw, you will notice that there is a dipstick and in most cars, the dipstick is black which makes it really difficult to read how much power steering fluid you actually have, so you might need to do this a couple of times. What I will typically do is remove my dipstick, wipe it off, replace it, remove it and then get a good reading. The easiest way is just to tell where the shiny wet liquid is compared to the dry black dipstick.