Video transcription

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan and I want to show you how to fit a proper harness and leash to a cat. There is only one harness really made for a cat that I know of and it comes in two sizes. The sad part is that it goes up to 16 pounds and this guy weighs 22. He is a Maine coon so this is a little tight on him, but I haven’t been able to find a bigger one, so but it does fit and we are going to show you how to fit it properly and basically it is like a harness for a dog and the leash generally needs to be a small, light leash, that is about the same width as the harness. So I am just going to show you, it goes on pretty much just like a dogs’ harness and the part where you are going to hook the lead to is the silver ring and the silver ring should be on the back of a cat. So first we are going to put it over his head and you know he is going to need it to his size because it was on a smaller cat before and so we just do that real quick, okay, so first we put this over his head and then when we have on his back where we are going to hook the leash then we are going to put his left leg through the one little hole that it provides and then we are going to make it a little bigger for him, and so that adjusts that out and then under his arm comes the other piece to go behind his elbow, so he stepped through one side but the other side you have to bring around behind his elbow and attach it up close to where the lead is going to attach. So now you have a harness on your kitty. Then you are going to take your little leash and you are going to hook it on there and now you got your cat under control and he pretty much can’t go anywhere without your okay.