Video transcription

in this clip, I'm going to show you how to connect the digital cable options that you have into your High Definition Television and also into an HD player. If you want to get the most out of your HD player, we want to use the HDMI output. That's the true digital output. Again, we're going to look at the back of the player, here you see HDMI Output. And notice the tapered edge here on the cable, and the tapered edge on the adapter or the input. So what we're going to do is go ahead and plug this in there. And we're going to match this action on the back of the t.v.. If you look for the HDMI Input into the back of your set, you want to notice the tapered end is kind of the bottom, so we're going to match that up. Simply plug it in, in both video and audio. We're going to go straight from our player into our set. If I want to get digital audio out of my HD player, I'm going to look at the back and I'm going to look for the Bitstream PCM Optical Digital Audio Output. And I'm going to use this cable here that's called a SPDIF cable, or a fiber optic cable or a digital audio cable. And all I'm going to do is plug it into this little black box here. There's actually a trap door over that, that's kind of shielding that to keep the dust out. So if I just place my adapter there, slide it on it, you'll hear it click. It clicks into place, and you're ready to plug it in to your receiver and get surround sound. We're all used to this cable here, this is the VGA cables. It's the same kind of computer monitor cable that we've used for quite a few years now. Now I noticed there's a VGA cable input here. All you got to do is switch the menu setting in your t.v. to accept the VGA cable. Plug the VGA cable in to the back of your t.v., plug the other end into the back of your computer, and set your computer up to see a separate monitor, or a secondary monitor. And you'll be able to use this as a computer screen or you can use it just to view slide shows or presentations for a family or business partners. Now we got to get power to this, so we're going to look for our AC IN. We're going to take the power cable that came in the box with our player, plug it in. Plug it in to an outlet, and we're ready to go. And of course, on the back of every monitor and sometimes on the side you'll notice this little guy down here. This is simply your power. You want to make sure that you plug your power cable in. Then you can turn your monitor on and all is good.