Video transcription

I’m folding clothes today to make them go into a suitcase and try and keep them somewhat wrinkle free. We have some clothes here that are actually sort of wrinkled to begin with, so possibly when they get to where they’re going they won’t be wrinkled anymore if we fold them properly. Um, this is a man’s shirt with short sleeves and the first thing I do is go for the corners of the shoulders, and then I fold it towards its back and I put my finger in the collar, pull the collar up, grab for the top parts of the sleeves, and try and shake it out a little bit and then I lay it down on a flat surface, and I try and find where there’s some problem areas with wrinkles, and I stretch it out so that the under arm pit seams are together, and the sides are together and that the tail is straight, just to try and prevent creating new wrinkles. I take the arms and I’ll fold them inward and I’ve got my hand in there because I don’t want to create a big crease in there where I’m folding, I want it to fold straight and flat and as you can see I’m making a little bit of margin using, here’s the armpit and this would be your side or flank of the shirt and I’m pulling it towards the middle there and now what I would do in this case would be take the tail, bring it up, against, making sure I’m not creating new creases, I’d pull it all the way up to the collar, so that the collar has something to protect it, its not just hanging out there in the breeze by itself. And there are different ways to do this, in this case, this is a very thin material and its making a nice flat little package and it could be done just like this, another way to do this might be to fold it again, but that would be up to you and the size of the space you have in your suitcase. In the next segment I’ll be showing you how to fold another piece of clothing to go into a suitcase.