Video transcription

As far as the eye shadow she has blue eyes. And gold tones and brown tones are really good, they make blue eyes pop. And so does violet. I’m going to go with the brown. Okay, this is a liquid eye shadow and I’m going to use this as a base so the rest of her eye shadow stays on. Make sure you blend the eye shadow really well. Another way to make the eyes kind of pop is to put a highlight color, a really light color, on the brow bone, kind of dewy. So I’m going to use dew and this is for a daytime look; you want to keep it looking really natural. Okay. She’s got really really light eyes and brown lashes so we’re going to stick with the violet. The violet eye liner is going to make her blue eyes really really stand out without looking too dramatic. And just kind of line the upper lid and blend that really well too. For the day time look I’m just going to line the top lash. And I’m going to show you how to turn the daytime look into the night time look really quickly. Okay, look up. Just kind of line right above the eye lashes, smooth in, actually smooth out toward the outside of the eye. Okay, for the mascara just put a little bit on for the daytime. Go upwards, and go down to coat the back and then go back upwards to give you really thick lashes. You want to coat both sides. Okay. And then go back and try to blend in a little bit.