Video transcription

Now we're going to start composing our dinner now and the first step is to make the oven roasted vegetables. In Italy people roast whatever's in season and right now in season we got red peppers, we got zucchini which I already cut I've cut all the vegetables already and the I got yellow peppers to and I already done the eggplant. But the eggplant I already cut it in about 1/2 slices, and then using the oil that I saved from draining the sun drying peppers which has lots of flavor but you can also use extra virgin olive oil. I just take a brush and brush them lightly with the oil and what I did with these with the zucchini is I cut them in half and then in 1/2 again. The same with the bell peppers I just took out all the seeds and cut them in quarters and that's a really good size for baking. And then I just take a little salt and pepper and you can see now why I'm using my sugar shaker, because I really use it and when you salt before you bake it becomes part of the flavor of the food. If you wait to taste it and put it on afterwards if really just taste applied. So essentially what I did was put all the foods single layer like this all the vegetables on a much larger cookie sheet because I have some that are done already and you put it in a 450 oven for approximately 40 minutes. You really want the food to get well done and softer.