Video transcription

Hi! I’m William Myers from Austin Subaru for Expert Village. There are two fuse box locations, there’s one under the hood and I showed you that, there’s also one in the car and the one in the car is located under this little panel. All you do is pull, pull it open and then pull it out, if you look on the bottom there are two little clips but if you look on the back of the cover it’ll show you what every fuse is and what it does, what the amperage is and what it controls. Now remember how is said the cigarette/mirror right there is that fuse it’s a 20 amp cigarette/mirror fuse, so if your cigarette lighter stopped working and your mirror stopped working that’ll probably be the first thing you should check. The fuse box is right there and it’s pretty easy to find out which one everything is and there’s no fuse puller right here but you can use the one from under the hood to pull out these fuses. That’s where to find a fuse box in the inside of your car.