How to Make a Paper Robin Hood Hat

Video transcription

We're going to make party hats. Another very simple hat to make out of construction paper is a Robin Hood hat. The first thing you need is a full size piece of construction paper, fold in half this way and then you're going to start in the corner and you're going to make this shape, because you want the hat and you want the edge to fold up. So you're just going to draw from this corner and curve it around about to here and then come down. So you end up like this. Then you just cut off the edge, fold it up and then bring it around in back and make it fit the head. You can make it larger or smaller, bring the points together in back and you have you're basic hat. Once you've done that you can leave this pointed, you can push it in and fold it down, you can create different, a different look for your Robin Hood hat. I made this feather out of construction paper and basically I just use two pieces of paper, so I have four pieces all together and I just cut out a feather shape making sure that I kept the folded edge in so that I had my stem. Cut it like this, cut out a feather shape and then just cut slits. You don’t want to get too close to the stem because then your feather will be weak. Once you've cut slits all the way through, what you'll want to do is lay a bead of glue on the inside here and that will give your feather strength. So lay a bead of glue down the middle, making sure you don't get it on the sides because you want your feathers to feather. Lay your second feather inside your first feather and let it dry and then fluff it up and then you just put in your hat where ever you want it to be. And there you have it, a dashing hat for your favorite Robin Hood.

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