Video transcription

We're going to make party hats. I am going to show you how I made this fun summer hat with some newspaper, some artificial flowers, some lace, some ribbon and some paint. The first thing you're going to need to make this fun summer hat is your newspaper base. Because it is a nice fun summer hat you're just going to roll the edges and you're going to live with whatever it does. Just start rolling the edge. Roll it just a little because you don't want a real big brim for this and tape it as you go. The smaller you roll your brim, your edges, the wider the brim will be. You could actually use newspaper and make with bigger pieces of newspaper and turn it in to a sombrero. Once you have your edges rolled all the way around you might want to paint it. I used this turquoise tempera paint, just laid it out on a paper plate, used a nice big brush and painted the hat. You want to give it plenty of time to dry, it will get all soggy and droopy but that's okay because once it's dry it'll stiffen back up again. Once you have it painted or not if you decide to leave it newspaper that will be fine too and of course if you use the Sunday funnies that would be very colorful. Once you have that finished, then you're going to embellish it with whatever you have on hand. I used some artificial flowers. Well the first thing I did of course was to put a hat band on it and that was with lace and I did that with my glue gun. So I took my glue gun and my lace and I just put on a little bead of glue right below the tape and glued it on. I just kind of stuck the glue around as I went. It kind of fits in there with the shape of the hat. Put that all the way around. Then I just took some flowers and made a little bit of a bouquet with my flowers. Just play with your flowers, use different colors, come up with whatever it is you like. Stick a bunch of hot glue on there. A nice big glob of it. Put globs of glue on your flowers. Stick them on there and then I used this ribbon to make a big bow for the back of the hat and there you have it. A really fun, very unique, totally individualized summer hat. Just don't wear it out in the rain.