Video transcription

DREW NOAH: So, now, I'm going to talk about syncing your iPod with iTunes. And when you buy an iPod or you plug your new iPod into your existing iTunes or to your computer that has iTunes, it will walk you through kind of the whole set up process and they make it really easy. I can't show you that because my iPod is already set up but I'll just show you some general information about syncing it. So, it pops up here under 'Devices' and then you can see I can toggle and actually look at the stuff that's on it right now. But when you click on the iPod right there, you've got these tabs: Summary, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Photos, Contacts and Games. Here's my summary: Name, Capacity, Software or Serial Number all that kind of stuff and then you have these options right here. Open iTunes when this iPod is connected, Sync only checked songs and videos, Manually manage music and videos, Enable disk use. So, you can set these things up how you want--and I'll kinda--I'll show you how I have mine set up. So, if you want to manually manage, it wouldn't automatically sync or if you want to manage by only going you're your music folder and only using checked songs, it would only sync those. I just have all mine checked, I just leave it like that. And then you can also enable it as a--like a hard disk--excuse me--a hard drive by enabling disk use. But I'm not going to have that turned on and--let me go to Music. So, here's the Sync music page and you have the options to--I want it to sync the music and then I have the option to sync all songs in playlists or selected playlists. If my music library was less gigs than my iPod, I probably would sync all but since it's more, what I've done is I created a folder and then created a playlist to put in that folder. And I sorted them out by genre. And every time I put a new CD on my computer, I download a new CD, I'll just drag it into this playlist and then, since I have Sync music from Selected playlist selected, it's only going to put on--the new stuff that I put into this playlist will sync on my iPod. So, that's just how I chose to do my iPod. And I mean, you could do it that way or sync all, something like that. I like to do it like this because sometimes I just like to listen to a genre of music. So, when I go to my iPod, these playlists are available and I can do like that but there are also all of my iPod so if I get to the all items, whatever, all artists, they'll be there. So that's up to you. You can also--choose to include music videos and I choose to include album artwork. I have mine turned off because I'm running out of space. You got the Movies tab and you'd sync movies and just like you could sync all or selected and watched or selected movies. These are the things in your Movie tab up here. Same with TV shows, if you want it to sync, turn this on and then set your options here. You can do all TV shows or Selected TV shows. Choose which podcasts you want to sync, the same way, I check it if you want to sync podcasts and then choose all or choose the one selected or the ones you want like right there. And I'm choosing all "unplayed". So, remember when I showed you podcasts earlier, it's only going to put on podcasts, the selected ones that have the "unplayed" options right here. And then you also have photos and you can sync photos from your hard drive, so that's pretty cool if you want to use photos on your iPod and then you can sync your contacts and sync your iCal calendars as well. And here you have the options to sync your games. So, this is just everything you see over here for the most part and you choose what you want on your iPod. So, when you first get an iPod, it's probably going to set all that up for you but that's just how you go through and manually sync specific things and choose what things you want on and off. And from the last thing, down here you'll see just your capacity and you kind of get an idea of what's audio. If there was some video on here, you'd probably see video and then other and then free space. And to sync it, I'll just hit Sync right here. Mine, autosyncs when it connects and that's how probably a good way to set it up. But that's what happens when you plug an iPod into iTunes and just some of the different ways that you select what media from iTunes you want on your iPod.