Video transcription

Hello, my name is Melissa Schenk. On behalf of Expert Village today we're going to be talking about Facebook and how to join, get started and to first of course how to register. I'm sure you've probably heard of Facebook from either your family, your friends or your co-workers, so let's now get your joined on Facebook. Now the first part of Facebook, getting started is of course getting to the website itself, so you have to go into your computer and put, that's going to take you to the site itself. This is the next page you'll see once you've typed in You'll notice that Facebook is a social utility that connects you with people around you. Now everyone can join as it says, we're going to register in a moment. Please notice before we register though, to the left hand side, do you right under the word Facebook, where it says email and password? After you have registered that's where you will type in your email and your password to log in at a later time but for now let's register. Now you'll head to the register and start using and start using Facebook page. So you're going to want to put in your full name and figure out do you want to say I am in college or a graduate school, at a company, in high school or none of the above? Now what you want to keep in mind is that Facebook isn't just one big site, it's made up of a lot of separate networks based around things like schools, companies and regions. This is how everyone gets connected on Facebook. If you want to see the profiles of your classmates or your co-workers on the site of Facebook, be sure this is very important to use either your school or your work email address to register. I for instance use my work email as oppose to my personal email address. Now on Facebook later you'll be able to see you'll be able to include that on your profile but it's better to use your school or your work email to register. You're going to be able to search for anyone on Facebook but you can only see profiles of your friends and the people in your own networks. So after you've decided what your of course your email address is going to be, you're going to put in a password, putting your birthday in there and then you'll find a security check. Once you've done all that, then hit register now. You've actually now done the hardest thing, you've joined. So in up coming clips we're going to get your profile built, we'll look at the wall, we'll have a look at the applications, but first let's take a quick site tour of Facebook.