Video transcription

Hi, I am Drew Fendy here today to demonstrate how to install a jack for your telephone. We are going to install a jack plate now into the wall, we have two receptacles and I am just going to wire one for the demonstration. We have got a color code here, the red and the green is what you usually use if you are just connecting one. You can always look at it and see which, there are four little wires and you can decide which one the jack you are plugging in is using and connect to the appropriate one here. And what we want to do is we have got a wire coming through and we are going to strip it back with these strippers. And be careful, you just cut slightly and you can strip off the outer sheeting fairly readily. So we want to keep the color code the same, so we are going to take the green and the orange out, fold back on the wires so that they are out of our way. We strip these wires; they are very small wires so you may have to turn the strippers to the side to actually get the insulation off. Sometimes you can use your thumbnail to get the last little piece off. So we have got two conductors, we want to connect the green to the green and the red to the red so we unscrew that slightly and you take the green with the needle nose pliers and bend it around. We want to insert it so that we are going to be tightening on the clockwise side so we slide that underneath, take the screwdriver and okay we got that tight. Now we are going to do the exact same thing with the orange, well it is actually red, take the wire and bend it around and with the needle nose just hook it up underneath. There are two washers in there, you want to get between the two washers, and then we snug that down. So we have got our wire, this top one is going to work, if we want to do the bottom one also we could jump her to here and if we were going to connect for two lines, we would connect to the other two. You have just got to keep the color codes together, make a little cheat sheet and note which ones you are using so that it is consistent when you get to the other side. So we just shoved this wire in and there is some slack in there, which is good in case you ever have to do something in the future. We put the cover on and then we can screw that right in.