Video transcription

In this video clip we will be going through part 2 for painting our ceiling. We're going to start by painting a perimeter around the ceiling. Now if you get a little bit on the wall that's alright, because we're going to go back and paint our walls with our colored paint here in the little bit. It's always good to have a drop cloth down just so you don't accidentally spill any paint or drip any paint onto the floor. For this I'm using about a 1 1/2 inch brush which should leave me plenty of clearance room when I come back with my roller. Once we've painted our perimeter we need to go ahead and get our roller. I'm using a roller with a 1/2 inch nap. By having this nap just a little bit thicker it'll get into all those crevasses of the textured ceiling. I'm going to get my roller good and coated in paint and go ahead and start painting the ceiling.