Video transcription

So get to this point first. Practice that once you get there it's kind of a similar motion to Loser's Binge you actually roll it you are going to roll the yo yo over your fingers but as you do so you uncross and recross your hands in one motion so it looks like this. I roll and I cross and uncross and recross again. So, let me show you again. So, its pop you roll and cross your hands like that. So, now your arms are crossed. You've got yo yo on a string here. This is the hardest part of the trick. You have to actually pop the yo yo into the air. And it's a similar motion to what you did when you first started it. You pop it up like that and bring your this time its your non throw hand pointer finger across and underneath the yo yo that lands it right into a double nothing. That's close to the end. So, we will start from the beginning again. Bring it across and do your roll so it's uncrossing and recrossing your hands and then I pop it up and bring your left non throw hand pointer finger directly underneath the yo yo just like so it should land in a double nothing. So, let me show you again it looks like this. Pop, cross, uncross,cross and shoot right underneath the yo yo. The last step is once you have the first two steps it makes this part easier you actually just pop it up again and land it into a trapeze. From there you dismount and catch the whole trick itself. I'll try and get it again for you. Slow down the video and watch it a couple times. Practice those moves it's going to really help you when you are practicing this trick. It is really important that you give this trick the time. It takes a while to learn but it is worth it.