Video transcription

In this video segment I’m going to be talking to you about carnivorous plant food and what to feed your carnivorous plant. If you want to know more about these plants you can visit us at One of the most frequently asked questions is what to feed my carnivorous plants and you want to make sure not to feed the plants anything that they can’t find naturally in the wild. This would include things like hamburgers, hot dogs or pieces of ham, this will kill your plant and make at least the leaf that clamped down on that piece of unnatural food will make them die. So, perfect foods for your carnivorous plants are fruit flies or some types of wax worms. If you’re using worms to feed your plants, you want to make sure that they have a very low or no calcium content, worms like mill worms or phoenix worms have too high of calcium content for carnivorous plants and another problem with mill worms is that they will actually burrow out of the side of your carnivorous plant. So you can feed any type of carnivorous plant like this Heliamphora , these Nepenthes, these Sarracenias or the Venus Flytrap, these worms are perfect for any of these plants. You can just place the worm inside the trap like that, probably once a week is perfect. I’ll demonstrate feeding the Venus flytrap here and you see the leaf closes down on top of the worm. For feeding fruit flies, fruit flies are a perfect food for Sundews and also for you Butterworts and when you feed these fruit flies, you just open the top and dump the flies out directly on the leaves and they’ll be digested right on the leaves.