Video transcription

Now we're going to talk about making our really healthy side dish for your barbecue's vegetable tray. You're going to start off by cutting the ends of your zucchini. You want to cut it in little angled piece, that way you get nice and big pieces so somebody can easily handle. Go all the way down. Use about 2 zucchinis for this, 2 small zucchinis. Next, you want to go ahead and take squash and do the exact same thing, cut the end offs. Actually, this time we're going to do something different. Cut the ends off, cut it in half and cut it into smaller pieces. Cut it in little bigger chunks. Something similar to stir-fry actually. Now we're going to take cucumber. Make these pieces a little bit bigger than the zucchini. One large cucumber should do it. You want to take your broccoli, those little florets, cut the stems off. You can also cut them in half if you want to, but right now, we're not. You want to take a carrot and just cut long little strips just like the zucchini. You're going to take some celery and you're going to cut the ends off. You're actually going to cut this a little bit different. These are going to be small little pieces, more of a filler. Just cut at a little angle