Video transcription

We will now explain the benefits of having window film in the vehicle. First and foremost is the privacy aspect. As you could on this vehicle you could not see inside the car. It gives you privatize as far as if you are in the car it gives you some sense of security. If you are a female in the car no one could tell that you are in the car by yourself, it also hides you valuables encase you park it in a area where you feel that your valuables may be at risk window tint would prevent from easily seeing in the car. What they would have to do is get up on the car which would make them look more noticeable. Also with all the new cars that have leather interior the window also cuts out on UV rays and it lowers the heat index which means the temperature in the car is cooler, it also protects little kids from the heat. Tint also by cutting out the UV rays it prevents your interior from fading weather it is cloth or leather. Sunlight could dry up leather in vehicles causing them to crack and peel. What the window tint does in keep the temperature inside the car cooler. Also on the flip side in the winter time the tint services as a thermo barer both the inside on the outside of the car by that I mean that the temperature of the car is sealed in by the tint on the glasses and when the sun hits the glasses it actually warms up the inside of the car. There are several benefits of window tinting but to me is the security and the privacy. This tint also by being metalized if some one was to smash the window it will prevent you window from shattering inside the car although the window will break it will not collapse because the window tint would hold it together. And this concludes the segment on the benefits of window tint.