Video transcription

Normally, stainless steel is found in your home in the form of sinks, knives and other cutlery This variety of steel usually has a good resistance to rust But after being in use for a while, some light rust can start to appear on the surface Here you will find some solutions to the problems Remover oil can be used in aerosol form, which is a chemical stripper Carefully spray the item Then gently rub it with 300-grit sandpaper Finally, clean with a paper towel Another option is to use items that you have in your home You can make your own remover with sodium bicorbaonate and lemon juice Pour baking soda into a container Add a bit of lemon juice and slowly stir until it forms a foamy paste Take a brush and dip it in the paste Put it on the surface of the stainless steel item with rust and leave it work for a few minutes Then gently rub the item with 300-grit sandpaper Clean the surface with a paper towel This natural remover is a good option to remove rust from your sink. This way you will leave the place where you wash your food chemical free