Video transcription

Fun ways to wish your friends happy birthday on Facebook. Facebook lets you know when it is your friends' birthdays. Send them birthday wishes in unconventional and fun ways. Log into your Facebook account. Go to the home page. And you will see if it is the birthday of any of your Facebook friends in the top right hand corner. Go to their profile by clicking on their name. You can write a birthday message on their timeline. Or you can also with them happy birthday in some other fun way. Write "Happy Birthday" in the search box on Facebook and this will bring up a number of applications. It will ask you to "go to app". By clicking this you will be granting access your basic information. If you have no problem with this, click on it. These applications have many birthday emoticons that you can use on your friends' timelines. Or choose a gift you want to send them and click. On the bottom of the page write the name of your friend. Click to send the message. Find original ways to send birthday greetings.