Video transcription

I'm Pete Lichau. I'm head trainer of Rose Gate Farm, and today we're going to talk about hooking up a horse harness. Materials you'll need for this video are: a bridle with lines, breast collar with tugs, a saddle, and the breeching. First you'll put the breast collar on your horse, the saddle and breeching, and then your bridle and lines. You'll back your horse up toward your cart, and then put the cart shafts through the shaft loops of your saddle. At this point, you take your safety straps and wrap them around either side of that shaft loop, and secure that shaft down from bouncing. You'll run your lines through the line holders on your breast collar and your saddle and set them back towards your cart. At this point, you're ready to get in your cart and drive. I hope this helps you. I'm Pete Lichau, head trainer at Rose Gate farm, and happy driving.