Video transcription

Hi! I'm Sherry Ayles, owner of Customary Couture in Cedar Park, Texas. And this is how to attach a wedding veil. The materials you'll need are a veil with a hidden comb, bobby pins, and a really good hairstylist. Step one is decide exactly where on the head you're going to put your veil. This is determined by how you're going to wear your hair. If you're going to wear it up, you either want to have the veil on top or underneath your pony tail or bun. Once you've decided to wear your hair up then you're to attach your comb. This is a veil on a hidden comb. And the way that you attach this is you make it to where the right side of the veil is facing you, and then flip your comb once. Once your comb is flipped then you can attach the veil on top of your bun. If you're doing an up do where your hair is really high on your head, you might want to consider putting your veil underneath your up do, down at the bottom. With this one you may need a couple of extra bobby pins just to secure your veil. And the final option for veil placement is on top of the head. This is a great way to wear your veil if you want to add height. This is Sherry Ayles from Customary Couture, and this has been how to attach a wedding veil.