Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Bob Pane with South Kendall Animal Clinic. Let's talk a little bit about natural dog ear infection remedies. There are many things that have come out recently that are combinations of boric acid and vinegar. The traditional thing that we use in our practice are three parts alcohol and one part vinegar. The negative about that is it sometimes irritates the inside of the lining of the ear if there is an ulceration or inflammation down deep. If your ear drum is ruptured it is very dangerous to play around with ear infections because sometimes things are toxic down deep into the middle ear and gets into the middle ear and can cause permanent auditory damage so the best thing to do if you really have a bad infection is go to your veterinarian, have them scope down the ear and make sure the eardrum is intact, make sure there is no foreign material in there, make sure there is no ear drum rupture, make sure there is no tumor down the ear canal. In cats especially they have ear polyps that can come out of the ear and can be very very dangerous for their medical condition, that they need to be examined and looked at by a vet for that. If you do clean the ear and it doesn't respond after two or three days of treatment or it seems like it is getting worse, call your veterinarian and see if they have anything that would help you. Steroids are sometimes indicated in the ear if they are really inflamed so sometimes I will use anti-inflammatories in the ear so I can see down the ear because sometimes the ear will become swollen shut and if that's the case the alcohol and vinegar would be the last thing you would want to use in the ear. Some people use mineral oil for ear mites. It's an old fashioned remedy. It's natural. It could cause it to get better, it could cause it to get worse and it is also a very messy treatment for the ears. I have seen that done many times. There is new remedies that the veterinarians have now that have boric acid and acidic acid combined in there so it makes the ear less able to sustain bacteria and yeast infections so there is many different ways you can use medications. You have just go to be careful because sometimes they are not indicated.