Video transcription

Hi I'm Dr. Bob Pane with South Kendall Animal Clinic. Let's talk a little bit about dog reflexology techniques. It's a new system that we're using in veterinary medicine that they massage the feet and the arms of the dogs that have arthritis or arthritic like situations. It is supposed to release endorphins when you massage the feet that relax and appease some of the arthritic pain you may have. There are veterinarians that are specialized in holistic medications and holistic techniques that use massage therapy and acupuncture in combination to help arthritic and painful cancer situations they get that are non-reversible. Call your veterinarians, you can look in the yellow pages or on line to find out who is into this and see if they will recommend us. Again it is a technique where you massage the arms and feet of people and in dogs they don't have arms, they have more like, they have four legs and they have hind ones and their arthritis is usually pretty obvious so I am sure there is ways that you can massage the feet at home and extend the quality of life for your dog by reducing the pain and arthritis like pain things in your dog. Massage therapy is a modality that some veterinarians recommend. I do it myself with my own dog is I massage the legs above and below arthritic areas of the body like the hamstrings or the quadriceps or the triceps or the biceps. You massage and try to bring some blood and some energy into that area. I think it certainly helps dogs feel better because those muscles can have cramps, they can have scars and being, walking in an abnormal manner may make them a little more unable to extend and contract their muscles. So yes this is a new and exciting area that I would recommend for your dog to have.